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Patient Testimonials

I thank Dr Jatin Ashar, He is efficient and caring team of nursing and support staff. I was diagnosed with Cataract in both the eyes. Dr Jatin suggested surgery for both the eyes, one at a time within a span of 2 months. I found Dr Jatin as very compassionate doctor. The surgery itself took hardly 10-15 minutes and I was discharged within few hours. My vision has since improved very considerably and now I need glasses only for reading purposes. I feel much confident as my vision has improved and I thank Dr Jatin for his advice, treatment and providing good care.

Muradabad, UP

I had white spot on my right eye since birth and could not see with that eye. Dr. Jatin did my cornea transplant and now not only the white spot is gone but also my vision has improved.


Very happy with my ICL surgery. I had very high numbers in both my eyes and could not undergo LASIK. Dr. Jatin explained me about ICL option and now I am independent of my fat glasses.


I have keratoconus in both eyes and my number kept on increasing. I was depressed as I was told by many doctors that I will be blind or need eye transplant. When I met dr. jatin, he explained me that my disease can be arrested with C3R. I underwent C3R and my disease stopped progressing. He also gave me contact lenses and now I see everything clearly.


Excellent! Feeling very happy as my number is gone. Thank you.

I had squint in my left eye since the time I remember. I never had confidence in meeting new people. I got operated at Mumbai Eye Care for squint and now it’s a different me. I am more confident and have got a new life.


Friendly doctors. Explained everything properly. Very cooperative staff. Got my LASIK done and now I see everything clearly WITHOUT GLASSES. It’s a wow feeling


I had cornea problem in both eyes and cataract and was very scared about surgery and especially cornea transplant. Dr. Jatin Ashar gave me confidence and I first got my right eye DMEK cornea transplant surgery done. I gained complete 6/6 vision in that eye. 6 months later I got my left eye also done and gained 6/6 vision in that eye also. Thanks to Dr. Jatin.


I had come to Dr. Jatin for a routine evaluation check up and was detected to have glaucoma in both eyes and that I could not see with one eye completely. Dr. Jatin explained me everything about glaucoma and gave me treatment for the same. He helped me save my other eye which I would have lost if I would not have taken proper treatment.


Excellent !!! Very good service. Thanks for giving my eyes back with LASIK surgery


I had keratoconus in both eyes and underwent DALK cornea transplant in both eyes. Now I have 6/6 vision in both eyes. Thanks!


I am diabetic for many years. I had cataract in both eyes and everything was hazy. Dr. Jatin did my cataract surgery and now I see everything clearly. Lots of blessing to the whole team.

New York

I was to fly to USA for my post graduation in 3 days, when I decided to get my LASIK surgery. Dr. Jatin assured me that everything will be fine and I will be able to fly. He did my LASIK and next day I was fine.


Thanks to Dr Jatin Ashar to operate for both my eyes cataract. Now I don't need glasses at all.

Patient Review

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Average Rating: 4.9 from 927 Reviews

Excellent Professional Service and best doctor for eye care while always ready to help the needy people as well. Thank you for your kind service.

Prabha Bhanushali

Ohk so I have visited him after investing more time searching for my cataract surgery since I had spherical number in my eyes and wanted to get rid of my glasses after the cataract surgery. To my expectations I went for surgery in Jan 2020 and now I m writing a review after 5 months, currently I don't use any spectacles neither for near nor for far distance. And the vision have also improved. Trust me these people are highly professional in their work. Thank you so much Jatin sir. If you are here to check the reviews before you get operated trust me go for it. Dr jatin is phenomenal in his field.

Vikas Kumar

I did my Lasik surgery from here and it was a very good experience with good results. Doctor Jatin Ashar is a very humble and friendly man that makes the patient comfortable which is more important in doctor patient relationship as you can ask all your queries/doubts without hesitation. I asked many stupid queries and he answered all of them very patiently. He makes sure you are relaxed and not panicked during the surgery as well. One thing I liked the most is he speaks with me in Marathi which gives a personal touch. Staff is also good and co-operative. I asked repeatedly about the timings of the drops but they calmly explained me again. I will recommend him to whoever has eye related issues.

Shetye Sv

Average Rating: 5 from 25 Reviews

Mumbai Eye Care, its professional doctors and staff have been providing great service to people. Recommended for Lasik / Laser eye surgery. Meanwhile, are you looking to cover your medical expense using health insurance? Please feel free to reach me on 8169534748. I've recently joined Star Health Insurance as agent / advisor and will be glad to offer quality service. Thank you.

Francis Adams

My experience has been very good with regards to the Doctor & the treatment. Does not prescribe any unwanted tests. Reasonable fees. Friendly staff.

Nimesh Saraiya

Perfect for overall eye care My father underwent a cataract surgery here and the care they take after the surgery is remarkable Thanks !!!

Dushyant Kapadia

Dr. Jatin Ashar have good experience over eye surgery. Hospital staff very supportive. Mumbai eye care hospital is best for eye surgery & check up.

Shailesh Yadav

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