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June 10, 2022

When You Need Cataract Surgery?


A cataract is a condition in which the proteins present in the eye lens starts breaking down. The proteins make clumps together in the lens. The clumped proteins start to distort and block the vision of the eyes.

A cataract is the leading cause of preventable blindness and develops with age. The cataract causes cloudy vision and interrupts your day to day activity. You may experience difficulty in reading, driving or even seeing the face of your friend.

Cataracts develop slowly with age and disturb your vision. It is suggested that you do not cataract surgery until it interferes with your usual activities. A cataract is generally a safe and efficient procedure to improve your vision.

Cause Of Cataract

Cataract usually develops with age. But certain behavioural activities of a person can increase the risk of developing cataracts. As result, you might need cataract surgery in future. Certain behaviours are:

  • Any injury that changes the tissue of the eyes causes cataract
  • Inherited genetic disorders such as diabetes
  • Long-term use of steroids
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Not use sunglasses in the sun
  • Exposure to the excessive radiation

Signs Show You Need To Have Cataract Surgery

Performing close tasks become difficult

Cataract development is a gradual process. It took many years to show up its effects. Surgery is not required until it interrupts daily activities. When you experience difficulty in reading books, recognizing faces, texting on the phone and sewing, you should understand that it’s time to get cataract surgery.

Interruption in enjoying your favourite hobbies

Cataracts cause your vision to be cloudy or blurry. It reduces the ability to distinguish colours and contrasts that cause difficulty in enjoying your favourite pastimes. Simple everyday activities can be affected by cataracts such as cooking, reading, playing sports, indoor games, doing laundry, surfing social media and even watching television.

Driving becomes difficult

When you have a cataract, your vision becomes blurry. Blurry vision is very dangerous while driving. Driving at night becomes more difficult and the chances to meet with accidents become higher. It is important to see the doctor as soon as possible if you experience difficulty while driving.

Everything appears yellow or tint

You may experience muddy and faded appearances instead of vibrant because of cataracts. The white thing may appear as yellow to you. It seems like you are looking through a dirty glass window. It will increase with cataracts grows bigger.

You start having double vision

Double vision is an unusual condition. People with cataracts develop double vision in one eye. Double vision restricts all the activities that mean if you experience double vision it is nearly impossible to do any task accurately for you. You should immediately consult your doctor and avoid activities like cooking and driving.

Blurry vision

Experiencing blurry vision is a sign of developing cataracts. Blurry vision is also a sign of more serious eye-related conditions. Immediate advice from an expert is the only way to determine the requirement of cataract surgery.

Changes in prescription

Ageing causes lots of changes including your eye prescriptions. Your contact lenses and glasses will change over time. But a time comes when glasses and contact lenses can’t work out for you and you will need cataract surgery for improving your vision.

Experiencing light sensitivity

Light sensitivity is the early symptom of a cataract by which a doctor can diagnose the cataract. If you have difficulty in sun and traffic lights bother you, you should schedule your appointment with the doctor.


A cataract is responsible for several visual abnormalities. Cataracts create a ring or starburst around any fixed light source. Such as halos may be created from the headlights of the car in traffic that interrupts the driving at night.

Changes in colour

After a cataract, everything appears yellowish brown. The discolouration causes when light travels to the eyes through cataracts affecting the area. Cataract surgery needs to be considered when you experience discolouration.

Protection of vision from cataract

Over time cataracts may develop with age so there is no guarantee to protect you from cataracts completely. But you can take some preventive measures to reduce the risk of developing cataract by implementing few changes in your lifestyles that includes:

  • Keep in touch with your doctor
  • Taking part in the regular eye examination
  • Quit smoking
  • Limiting the consumption of alcohol
  • Take care of diabetes
  • Eating a healthy diet includes vegetables and fruits
  • Polarized sunglasses to prevent harmful effects of UV rays


Cataract surgery is quick and not so expensive procedure that can even be covered by insurance. If you suspect any of the signs, it is necessary to consult with a physician. The physician will diagnose and tell about the requirement of cataract surgery. The surgery can prevent you from further difficulties in your daily lifestyle. Cataract surgery enables you to see the actual appearance of beautiful things.

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