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January 18, 2021

Mumbai Eye Care Launches Affordable Lasik Surgery Program

Mumbai Eye Care releases the Lasik surgery procedure. This program helps people to have better vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses anymore.

Mumbai Eye Care, a reputable eye clinic in Ghatkopar, releases Lasik surgery. The eye hospital launches this service to give a better eye surgery service. This surgery procedure helps people with vision problems see things clearly without wearing glasses or contact lenses. The representation of the hospital explained, “Lasik provides a more comfortable eye surgery procedure. We use a laser to reshape the cornea. The process is faster and safer compared to the traditional procedure.”

Patients can take several Lasik procedures, which are wavefront and Topoguided, femtosecond, phototherapeutic keratectomy, and implantable Collamer lenses. The procedure option will be based on the need of the patients. The representation of the eye hospital described, “We try to provide an eye specialist in Ghatkopar. One of the purposes is to verify that patients are allowed and ready to take the Lasik procedure. It is because not all patients are suitable for this eye medical procedure.”

The eye hospitals often evaluate the cornea’s condition to check the keratoconus, corneal scars, or infiltrates. Patients with more than 490 microns of corneal pachymetry are suitable for the Lasik program. The laser surgery process is using the latest technology to boost the success rate. The representation of the hospital stated, “Patients who will take Lasik have to do several requirements. We ask them to stop wearing contact lenses or glasses for one week before the surgery. They also have to wash their hair a night before the surgery and avoid this activity 2 weeks after surgery. We ask them not to use perfume, deodorant, and makeup around the eyes. Patients can check the complete requirements on the official website.” Patients can also feel the effect faster after taking Lasik compared to traditional eye surgery procedures. They can see without wearing glasses or contact lenses two days after taking the procedure. The hospital is not only offering Lasik surgery in Ghatkopar but also a Lasik consultation.

The hospital’s representation clarified, “We have to verify that the person is ready and qualified for Lasik surgery. That’s why they can discuss the problems with our specialists. The specialist will decide the next treatment and when they have to take Lasik.” Patients will meet one of the eye specialists in Ghatkopar, known as Dr. Jatin Ashar. He has enough experience to handle eye surgery procedures, including Lasik. Because of the considerations above, Mumbai Eye Care is ready to open eye Lasik surgical treatment.

About Mumbai Eye Care:

Mumbai Eye Care is an eye hospital in Ghatkopar, India that offers various eye medical treatments. Lasik surgical procedure is one of the latest treatments. It provides comfortable eye surgery for people who wear contact lenses or glasses.

Mumbai Eye Care is a premium Multispecialty eyc clinic located at Ghatkopar (East) Mumbai and Ghatkopar (West) Mumbai. Our eye specialist and ophthalmic technicians care for patients of all ages from Mumbai City and surrounding areas. Call +91-8451045935 for more information about LASIK Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Cornea Transplant Surgery, Retina Surgery, Glaucoma Treatment and more other eye treatments.

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