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October 29, 2021

Mumbai Eye Care Introduces A Simple Booking Feature To Manage A Schedule With Dr. Jatin Ashar

Mumbai Eye Care introduces simple booking features on its official website. It helps patients to manage a schedule with eye specialist, Dr. Jatin Ashar for treatments and consultations.

Mumbai Eye Care, a reputable eye clinic in Ghatkopar introduces a simple booking feature on its official website. The idea of releasing this feature is to help patients to manage their eye treatments well. The CEO of the eye hospital stated, “Patients can go to the hospital according to the appointment and an exact date. It is more effective instead of going to the hospital over again. This feature is even helpful during the Coronavirus epidemic where people can’t meet face to face as before.”

Patients only have to visit the official website and click the book an appointment feature there. They can also choose to meet the eye specialist in Ghatkopar East or West. The feature also contains an online form that patients have to complete and submit. The CEO of the eye hospital added, “Our customer service takes action based on the explanation when a patient sends its appointment. Then, they will meet the specialist based on the case and the treatments they need. The process is straightforward and fast. The most important thing is that patients can go to the nearest hospital from their living area if it is necessary because of this feature.”

This feature is used for a variety of eye problems, including Lasik eye surgery, cataract surgery, retina surgery, corneal treatment, and many more. Patients need to explain their problems specifically to get the right specialist and treatments. The specialists and doctors can do a direct or online consultation based on the level of eye problem. One of the eye surgery patients explained, “Online appointments help us a lot. We don’t have to go to the hospital over again. It is effective for patients who are living far away from the hospital. They only go to the hospital when it is needed. We also get the right treatment because the eye specialist analyzes our problem first from the form.”

Mumbai Eye Care is also a place for those who need Lasik eye surgery in Ghatkopar. They can use this feature once they get what they want from this hospital—the earlier the eye treatment, the bigger the chance to cure the eye problem. The feature also includes the details of the hospitals, including the complete address, phone number, email, and working hours. The CEO of the eye hospital stated, “We hope that this feature and its facilities increase the comfort of our patients in getting the right eye treatment in India, especially in Ghatkopar.”

About Mumbai Eye Care

Mumbai Eye Care is a multi-specialty eye hospital in India. The eye specialists in this hospital are ready for Lasik surgery, dry eye treatment, cataract surgery, and many more. Patients can book an appointment online first before getting further treatment.

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