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  • Vision change with age
    11 November, 2020

    Vision change with age

    As we grow older, our body functions also changes with time and so is our vision. We don’t realize this until we hit our 40s and after 60s it’s a common phenomenon. Irrespectiv Read more

  • Eyes and corona virus
    11 November, 2020

    Eyes and corona virus

    COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the world in recent times. “Mumbai eye care” being an eye health provider wants to aware facts about corona virus and effects on eyes. As by now Read more

  • Can diabetes affect my eyes?
    11 November, 2020

    Can diabetes affect my eyes?

    Diabetes is a multi-organ disease and our eye is one of the organs affected. Diabetes is a complex metabolic condition in which body either can’t produce insulin, or can’t use Read more

  • What is corneal blindness?
    11 November, 2020

    What is corneal blindness?

    Cornea is the transparent, outermost layer of the eye and is used as a refractive medium for image formation. Tears on the other hand nourishes cornea by keeping eyes clean and moi Read more

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